About Me

IMG_1866I am passionate about massage and strongly believe it is an essential part of achieving and maintaining health and wellbeing. While even a single massage has positive health effects, massage therapy is cumulative. So the more you have it the healthier you feel.

I also believe that massage is a powerful preventative treatment. Regular massage can protect the body from stress and resulting diseases, as well as injury.

I love massage and its many benefits so much that I left my stressful office job to train and work in full time massage. I originally trained in massage and aromatherapy in 2001.

Since then I have been continuing to develop and enhance my skills through experience and further advanced training, culminating in achieving the prestigious certificate in ‘Advanced Clinical Massage’ at the renowned Jing Institute of advanced massage in Brighton.

Many people who seek out a massage are not clear about the type of massage that they require. However often they are clear about what they want to achieve. With this in mind, I can use my skills and experience to tailor your treatment to meet your needs and achieve the outcome you desire.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat about whether massage will be effective for your particular needs.

Kind Regards