“Yvonne is by far the best massage therapist I know. As a sufferer of back pain and a person who has a sporty lifestyle, regular massage is very beneficial to me and the skill of the therapist is very important”.
Sarah, BP employee

“When I first booked a massage with Yvonne I wasn’t sure what type of massage I needed, there are so many to choose from. So I went along and we discussed what was important to me, I’m a regular long distance runner and wanted to stay injury free but I also wanted to address neck and shoulder pain caused by long periods at a PC. I also wanted to feel relaxed!! I’ve been so satisfied with the results that I’ve been a regular client of Yvonne’s for the last 8 years!
Sharon, marathon runner, Ashford.

“As a teacher I’m on my feet all day, Thai foot massage works wonders for me as it soothes and relieves aches and pains in my feet, but also it leaves my whole body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I always sleep soundly after each session.”
Miriam, Teacher, Twickenham.

As a regular user of Yvonne’s massage therapy for several years, I have always found the experience really good for relieving stress, and each session leaves me feeling refreshed, with aches and stiffness massaged away, and muscles relaxed. I find the treatment of the deeper muscles particularly beneficial.
Robin, engineer, Sunbury.

I have been having regular massages with Yvonne for 4 years, I can testify that besides relieving tension from the body, in particular to more stressed body areas, such as neck, back, shoulders and legs, it is very effective at treating chronic pain. It is also a very pleasant and relaxing experience for the mind. The environment is very relaxing, thanks to the right music, peaceful, warm location and the use of oil and creams. I would highly recommend Yvonne as a Massage Therapist to anyone.
Filippo, Oil and Energy Industry

My job is very physical and also I am a keen mountain biker. I regularly have treatments with Yvonne to relieve tension and pain from my neck and shoulders and also my legs, in particular my calves. If I’m too busy and miss a few weeks the pain builds up so I like to keep it under control by having a treatment at least once a fortnight! I would highly recommend Yvonne as she has had a lot of experience and training and this is clear from the quality of her treatments
Clive, Kitchen Fitter and Mountain Biker.

Massage with Yvonne helped support me through both my pregnancies. I particularly felt benefit around the hips where the extra weight was causing aches and pains if left untreated. I felt comfortable and confident that my babies and me were in safe hands, I would highly recommend her!
Jo, Twickenham

I was in a lot of pain after developing ‘tennis elbow’ following a 100-mile cycle ride. It was agony even to shake hands with people and I had to do this regularly in my job. Yvonne treated the injury with heat and ice alternatively; massage techniques to the area and the neck, combined with stretching and strengthening exercises. A few sessions relieved the pain enormously, thank you so much!
Nick, lawyer, Hampton.