On Site Massage

Massage therapy can be done anywhere.Massage can be done just about anywhere with the use of a special ergonomic massage chair. On Site Massage is popular in the workplace and the following choices are available:

Acupressure chair massage: this dynamic treatment offers quick and effective acupressure based massage focusing on the neck, back, arms, hands and head. This is an amazing stress and tension reliever. Working through clothes without oils, this treatment is relaxing yet invigorating.

Indian Head massage:  focuses on the neck, shoulders scalp and face.  This is excellent for reducing stress, neck pain and headaches.

Therapeutic massage:  working on the skin, using a wide range of powerful advanced massage techniques to successfully treat pain.  We have a lot of experience in dealing with neck, shoulder and back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

At your desk sessions:  Very popular for large groups this 10 minute neck, shoulder and head massage is performed as you sit at your desk.  They cause no disruption to the working day and are amazingly effective at allowing you to recharge your batteries.  Ideal as an incentive for large groups of staff, or as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts.  These sessions are fabulous for boosting morale and as a motivational tool.